Hi! Welcome back.

Construction on the new wbITC location is very well under way, and we can start seeing how the office space is going to end up serving us quite nicely. Taking into account what we learned through the ongoing pandemic, our new office space will provide adequate resources for team meetings or meetings with clients while allowing team members to come in and work productively whenever feasible. Particular attention was paid to building with sustainable materials, low energy requirements. Located in a rural area, there is a lot of “nature” around us, making for some very challenging jogging, walking and mountain-biking possibilities to get our “heads clear” and stay healthy.

Once completed, I will be posting some “before” and “after” photos and sharing the schedule for our “Grand Opening” Event coming up in August. We are expecting the event to be a great opportunity for some business networking as well, since there will be a lot of other regional business owners and local politicians visiting with us.

In “ The New, Old wbITConsulting Part 1”, I mentioned that I would be talking a little about my business model, as well as ERP/CRM consultancy in general. So, here goes:

wbITC will be working with a combination of full- and part- time employees and external resources, mainly on a project oriented basis. WbITC itself will also be playing the part of “external resources” for other business partners as well. WbITC will be offering shares of the company to it’s employees and business partners, which is why we will only be hiring people not only with technical and personal skills, but who also thrive in a co-ownership business model and who enjoy the responsibilities for our common success. (I will be writing a separate article on this topic in the upcoming weeks).

Enterprise Resource Planing (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications have been around for a long time. Especially ERP has been believed “dead” (or dying) for almost 20 years now, but like a zombie: it just doesn’t want to stay dead. Once your company has reached a certain volume (in customers, revenue, human resources, accounting, stock, production numbers, etc.) there is simply no real way around a centralized ERP solution (eg: SAP, OFBiz, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.). Having experienced for myself, time and time again, where some companies/organizations have landed with the idea of “the best software product for every department/unit” – usually none of which are actually good at exchanging information with each other. If you are still using “spreadsheets” for financial (or any other) reporting within your organization…. believe me: you might not be using the right solutions for your organization.

CRM applications really first took hold in the early 2000s. Many CRM products also began adding “Sales Force Automation” functionality (eg: Salesforce.com, Opentaps, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.), and that is pretty much where CRM almost “burned itself out”. CRM typical mass mailing capabilities (email marketing, newsletters, ad-campaigns) led quickly to companies leveraging CRM applications for the sole purpose of bombing their contacts/accounts with advertising. On the “receiving end” of all this “spam”, it got pretty annoying very quickly. Proving my belief: “If a little of something is good, that does not mean that a lot of that same thing is better”. Fortunately, we learn through our mistakes.

Today, there are a multitude of ERP and CRM systems out there, streamlined, customized and modernized for many specific industries and their verticals. This is why ERP/CRM consultancy, like wbITC provides, is important: to help you weed through the market and find the solution best suited for your organization. Being vendor “independent” means that we do not have to fulfill “quota” and can focus solely on your business’ needs.

In the next “Part” of this series, please join me for a deeper view into ERP/CRM, where I will start talking about why ERP/CRM projects fail.

As always: please feel free to like and comment. I will be connecting this blog to our Website as well as our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts soon. I am also considering creating my own little podcast for discussions, questions and exchanging ideas and knowledge. Let me know what you think, or would like to discuss.

Have a great day!

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